Fence Rod Assemblies


Fence Rod Assemblies

Fence rod assemblies most commonly consist of three separate parts:

  1. 1” Diameter x 93-1/2” long rod with a slight bend at one end.
  2. 1” Diameter x 22-1/2” long rod which is also slightly bent.
  3. A Turnbuckle to connect and tighten the two pieces together. Left handed threads are applied to one hand of the 22-1/2” bolt. Without the left handed threads, it would not be possible to create tension when rotating the turnbuckle.
Order Submittal Directions

Order Submittal Directions

  • Click Download Submittal Form to open form in new window
  • Click download in the top right corner of new window
  • Open downloaded form, fill out and then save the form
  • Attached the completed form to a new email and send to rcodispoti@fsabolt.com along with any other message you wish to add

Product Specifications

  • Steel Grades:
    ASTM F1554- 55
  • Finish:
    Hot Dip Galvanizing

Foundation Systems & Anchors is a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of threaded rod products specifically to municipal, state and federal highway projects as well as to the electric utility industry, and to general steel fabricators for the commercial construction markets.

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