Ohio: (330)454-1700.  Fax: (330)454-2336.
Ohio: (330)454-1700.  Fax: (330)454-2336.
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In order to respond quickly to our customers needs, Foundation System & Anchors, Inc. inventories over 500,000 lbs. of raw material at any one time. Our inventory includes pipe, plate, and rounds in a wide range of sizes and grades. Stock material is noted with (*). The grades shown below are the most commonly requested. If you need something that's not listed, give us a call. We'll get it.

A-36* A-354 A-615*
A-36M / F1554* A-449* A-675
A-193* A-572 A-687*
A-276* A-576* A-53
A-307* A-588* M-314
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In almost every application, connecting hardware is required for the different types of bolts and studs we manufacture. The ability to provide this additional service is not only convenient for our customers, but also assures, as a final inspection, that there is a perfect fit between the internal and externally threaded parts. Again, the following list is representative of those items that are most often requested and that we keep in stock. If you need at item that is not listed, give us a call. We'll get it.

A-194 A-563 Grade 2
A-325 F-436 Grade 5
A-394 F-594 Grade 8
A-490 F-844
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Foundation Systems can supply your bolts with a plain steel finish or with a Hot Dip galvanized coating which is preferred by the majority of our customers. We can provide either "partial" or "fully" galvanized product. Chromate coating or epoxy painting is also available.

A-123 A-153 B-633

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